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We detect conditions and prevent problems as soon as they appear. Finding these problems early will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.
Gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults (not to mention bad breath and bleeding). It is caused by bacteria collecting underneath the gum and weakening the structures that hold the gum on to the tooth and bone. Serious damage can be done before you notice any problems.

We can pick up early signs of gum disease and take simple steps to overcome the problem.
This might include removing the plaque and calculus that traps bacteria or showing you better brushing and flossing techniques. If left untreated, gum disease can be difficult and expensive to remedy!
Plaque builds up on everyone's teeth. You can't remove hardened plaque (also called tartar or calculus) with normal brushing. If left in place, it traps food and bacteria, and promotes tooth decay and gum disease. To keep your teeth clean and protected, we need to regularly remove this hardened plaque.
Tooth Decay
The earlier we identify and treat tooth decay the better. We recommend radiographs every 24 months to identify any areas of decay between teeth, in the grooves on biting surfaces and around or underneath existing fillings. In some cases, early decay can be reversed simply by improving your brushing, cleaning techniques and diet. We may also recommend special fluoride containing mouthwashes or treat directly the early decay with concentrated fluoride gels. And, of course, less dental work means less inconvenience and expense for you.

Wisdom Teeth
Most people have 4 wisdom teeth. These are usually the last teeth to push through anywhere from the late teens to well into the 20's or older. It is not uncommon to have missing wisdom teeth or no wisdom teeth at all! Often these teeth will remain buried in gum tissue and people don't realize they have them. In other cases they push through and function in harmony with the rest of the teeth. Some, however, can be a nuisance and cause serious problems.
We will discuss with you after a thorough assessment, the safest and most comfortable method to removing your wisdom teeth.
Smile Assessment
Who better qualified to assess ones smile than the bearer of that smile.
We work with you, the patient, to achieve a smile which is HEALTHY, FUNCTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL.

Our initial consultation begins with a comprehensive examination of the Jaw joints, cheeks, tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, palate and throat, screening for evidence of oral cancer and other pathology.

This is followed by a systematic examination of the teeth and bite. Utilising digital, extra and intra-oral camera technology we make a thorough smile assessment and formulate a treatment plan which addresses oral health and finally cosmetic issues you, the patient, may be concerned with.
Cosmetic dentistry need not “break the bank”. Often all that is required is some maintenance

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