Bad Breath Treatment
Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment in Melbourne

If you’re looking for bad breath treatment at a clinic in Melbourne, make an appointment at Manningham Dental. We understand that getting the perfect smile is more than just looking good. It also includes feeling good, and a big part of that is your breath. Fortunately, our bad breath treatment in Melbourne offers an effective way to conquer the frustrating and very unwelcome presence of bad breath.

Our bad breath treatment begins with an investigation into your current dental hygiene. We’ll then choose a solution to suit your situation and provide you with advice on how to ensure your bad breath stays away.

Tips for Preventing Bad Breath

Bad breath generally occurs due to a build up of bacteria as well as poor dental habits. Combating the bacteria is how we begin bad breath treatment, and enforcing better dental behaviour is how we keep the problem away.

Some simple tips for bad breath include brushing your teeth twice a day, brushing your tongue, gargling mouth wash, remembering to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and regularly visiting your dentist.

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Manningham Dental is proud to be a leading bad breath clinic in Melbourne. We’re committed to celebrating diversity and health, and we make it our mission to work with you on your teeth journey. To make an appointment for bad breath treatment, call us today on (03) 9850 4277 or send an email to

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