Children’s Dentist
Children’s Dentist

Children’s Dentist

Excelling in children’s dentistry, Manningham Dental is the best choice for kid’s dental care. With years of experience behind us and a number of satisfied patients, we’re proud to be a leading dentist for children in Melbourne.

We’re committed to providing a service that ensures our patients are comfortable, happy and secure while we work towards achieving their teeth goals. From educating children on better dental habits and hygiene through to ensuring they’re keeping their teeth clean at regular visits to our clinic, we’re proud to provide qualified and experienced children’s dental care. We’re also a leading emergency dentist for kids, able to provide prompt assistance for emergencies such as knocked out teeth and toothaches.

Our children’s dentist services include dental check-ups, thorough cleans, general maintenance, fillings, dental examinations, x-rays, pain management, Invisalign teen and more. Because dental hygiene is such a vital part of overall health, our kid’s dentist also works towards educating children on how to keep their mouths and teeth as healthy as possible.

A Kid’s Dentist You Can Trust

We understand that the dentist can be a daunting concept for many children, which is why we do what we can to ensure that we provide a service to your child that’s free of stress. Having your child regularly visit the dentist will encourage better habits as well as a better attitude towards dental care.

We’re very passionate about providing a high-quality service for all of our customers. Offering routine kid’s dental care as well as an emergency dentist for kids, Manningham Dental is a clinic you can trust. Call us today on (03) 9850 4277 or email to make an appointment with our dentist for children.

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