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Tooth whitening is an effective, easy method to improve the appearance of a smile. Often people will be concerned with many aspects of their smile and walk away extremely satisfied following a simple whitening procedure.

A patient once commented “People don't notice my slightly crowded teeth, now that I glow in the dark!” As everyone is unique, people's teeth respond differently to various whitening methods. Not everyone will “glow in dark”, however stained or discolored teeth can significantly lighten when professional cleaning has been insufficient.

We will select a whitening treatment to suit your needs. We can perform instant whitening procedures, however our most popular system is a home applied method. It involves taking impressions and having custom made mouth trays made, the purpose of which is to hold the whitening gel close to your teeth. The gums typically don't contact the gel. New age formulas allow us to whiten your teeth using this method in as little as 30 minutes! Far safer and more cost efficient than any laser or light activated whitening procedure currently on the market.

The great thing with this system is that you are in control! Everyone has different expectations therefore patients can continue whitening their teeth until they achieve their goal. We will monitor your treatment and advise you on how long during the day you should wear your trays and the duration of the overall treatment. Whitening may not be appropriate when certain oral symptoms are present. If you have tooth decay, deficient fillings, gum disease, very sensitive teeth, or heavily worn teeth tooth whitening may not be advised. These issues will need attention first.

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