Dental Braces
Dental Braces

Fastbraces Treatment in Melbourne

Manningham Dental is committed to providing services for our patients that help them feel better about their teeth. One of the many services for dental care that we offer is fast braces in Melbourne. Fastbraces technology is a form of orthodontic treatment using innovative dental braces that are designed to straighten teeth quickly.

Fastbraces look similar to traditional, metal braces. The main difference is that they work much faster, using a triangular shaped bracket and wires to move all the teeth at once. Traditional dental braces work by moving the teeth in different stages, making the process longer.

Fast braces for teeth are able to move teeth efficiently and effectively, meaning people can be happier with their teeth sooner. We use this process because of how quick, safe, easy and affordable these dental braces are compared to traditional braces for teeth. Results occur between 3 months to a year, with big improvements able to be seen.

Fastbraces are a good option for anybody with crooked or crowding teeth. Please note that our fast braces in Melbourne are not recommended for severe cases. One of our dentists will be able to advise you on your suitability. The success of fastbraces will also depend on the condition of your teeth, so it’s recommended that you discuss your outcomes with one of our qualified and passionate dentists.

Explore Your Options with Fast Braces in Melbourne

Manningham Dental looks forward to assisting you when it comes to braces for teeth. Call our clinic today on (03) 9850 4277 to discuss dental braces and make the next step in your journey to better teeth and a happier you.

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